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Why do good websites get blocked by X3watch?

Great question. Please bear with me as I try to explain without getting too technical on you!

As you browse the internet, X3watch is scanning websites and checking them against our server's database, the X3watch application database (the one that installs on your computer when you download the program), as well as your custom whitelist and blacklist (if applicable).

When the program scans a website and does not find it in your custom list or our server database, the program uses a real-time scan that looks for an excessive number of "trigger words" (these are usually inappropriate words or phrases). These words are assigned a numerical value. When X3watch detects that the number of trigger words scored on a website has exceeded our preset thresholds, the website may be blocked.
Websites blocked by the real-time scan will appear on your report with the block code "Failed Device Content Check".


Here's what to do if this happens to you:
Check to make sure you have the latest version of X3watch installed on your computer. If you don't, please update your software. The latest builds have expanded and updated databases that reduce false positives.

2. You can always override our block by adding the website to your Whitelist.

3. Report the problem to us right from your weekly accountability report!
If we get a website wrong, be sure to click the "Flag as incorrect" button found alongside the URL when your weekly accountability report shows up. We review those and allow them as-needed!



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    Graham Stinson

    Hey - this is great. The problem is that x3watch blocks a ton of sites that are NOT objectionable - among them sites like instructables.com. When it blocks, it says that it'll inform your accountability partners - but it doesn't. Several weeks now I've run into issues where x3watch blocks sites I need (even those that I've whitelisted) but those sites do not show up in my weekly report. I'd like to request that the two line up: if you're going to block a site, first thing is your algorithms need some work; second thing, it should show up in my report. OR you should only block sites that will show up in my report in the first place - use the same data for both.

    For me, I've turned off the site blocking because it's getting in the way of my work and life, whereas the accountability side is critical for my work and life. The two things should work in harmony with each other. Right now, they don't.

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