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Can I block Google Images?

No. Because of HTTPS encryption, X3watch cannot block Google Images at this time.

When a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing encrypts their search page, search returns are masked. This means that filters like X3watch (and our competitors) cannot see what this content is in order to scan, score and decide whether it is safe or unsafe. For standard text based URL's, this is not a problem for a filter like X3watch as you must click on the link to open the page. Once you do this, X3watch sees that URL, scans it and decides to allow or block it. When you do an image search, the returns are in the form of an image clip hosted by the search engine on an encrypted page. This is data that we (and other filters) cannot see. It is only when you click and open the image on the image's website that we can then scan and allow or block the page.


What we're doing about this:
X3watch has been developing some new HTTPS filter tech that will enable our users to handle HTTPS websites in a few ways. We are considering options that would allow users to block or allow all HTTPS sites, block only known inappropriate sites with HTTPS and enforcing "safe search" on major search engines (when available).

Stay tuned for product updates concerning HTTPS website blocking.


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