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Can I block social media websites or apps?

Social Media Websites:

Maybe. It depends on whether the social media page has been encrypted or not (HTTPS). If it has been (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) X3watch won't be able to block it.

Most social media websites (especially the larger and more popular networks) have encrypted their login and/or landing pages. This means that filters like X3watch cannot block access or monitor activity that takes place inside of their networks, nor can the URL be added to block the website. At the moment, there is no work-around for this issue.


Social Media Apps on iOS and Android:
No. Due to development guidelines and restrictions at both Apple and Android, X3watch cannot monitor or block activity that takes place inside of another developer's apps.


What we're doing about this:
X3watch has been developing some new HTTPS filter tech that will enable our users to handle HTTPS websites in a few ways. We are considering options that would allow users to block or allow all HTTPS sites, block only known inappropriate sites with HTTPS and enforcing "safe search" on major search engines (when available).

Stay tuned for product updates concerning HTTPS website blocking.


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