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X3watch Refund Policy


Below you can read about the refund policies on the various products listed on X3watch.com. We hope your experience with our products and our team is nothing but positive. For iOS or Play Store in-app purchases, please refer to the respective store’s cancellation and refund policies.

X3watch Premium and Basic Subscriptions
All X3watch Premium and Basic sales are final.
You may cancel your subscription plan at any time by simply signing into your account online at https://www.x3watch.com/users/sign_in and following the options to cancel under the “Manage my Subscription” tab. To be fair to all users, we are unable to issue a refund.

In the event you cancel early (before the end of your subscription), you will continue to have full access to the account and all features through the original expiration date.
Need help?
You may request the assistance of our customer support team by submitting a ticket to us at https://support.x3watch.com anytime.

All X3pure sales are final. Due to the nature of the product, no refunds will be issued.
An overview of the course objectives is provided on X3pure.com, so be sure to read the course objective information before signing up for the course.

Thank you for choosing X3watch for your accountability and content filtering needs. We appreciate your business.

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