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System Requirements

NEW! Are you ready to upgrade to the latest in accountability software? 

X3watch has partnered with Ever Accountable to bring you the latest in accountability software.

Why should you switch?

Dedicated software development team (Translation: More updates. More reliable!)
Ever Accountable has a dedicated team of full-time engineers working to deliver the best accountability software on the market.

Great customer care:
Like X3watch, Ever Accountable has some of the best customer care in the business AND our team is merging with theirs! This means that when you have a question about your software or your account, you’ll get personalized service that’s fast, friendly and reliable. It’s our goal to the be the most customer centric company we can.

It does MORE than X3watch!

Works on more devices and in more places!
Ever Accountable supports Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebook!
This means that no matter what device you have and no matter where you go, you’ve always got reliable accountability software that works.


Accountability Reports:
Have you ever heard the term “Battleship Sunk”? Well, that’s how Ever Accountable’s weekly accountability report compares to your X3watch accountability report. Seriously. X3watch provides the top-level domain that was blocked whereas Ever Accountable provides the name of the browser, the login profile of the device that was used, the search string, the full URL and a reason why the website (or web page) was blocked

We’ve already given you access to it!
If you purchased your X3watch subscription prior to November 1, 2017: We’ve made sure that your X3watch account will work at Ever Accountable. All you need to do is uninstall X3watch from your computer and/or mobile device and download Ever Accountable.

If you purchased X3watch on or after November 1, 2017: Congratulations! You’re subscription is to Ever Accountable. Simple head to this link to download and get started!

Are you ready to get the latest accountability software?
Awesome! Click here to get started!

If you're going to stick with X3watch for now, here's what it'll work on:

Mac OS:
10.9.X "Mavericks"
10.10.X "Yosemite"
10.11.X "El Capitan"
10.12.X "Sierra"
10.13.X "High Sierra"

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

iOS 8 and up.

4.0 through 4.2.2 and is optimized for standard 4 to 7 inch handsets.





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