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How do I verify and repair disk permissions in Mac OS?

Verify and Repair Disk Permissions:

1. Open your Macintosh HD (You can skip steps 2-4 if you use the Spotlight search engine and type “Disk Utility” and select the entry titled “top hit”).
2. Open the Applications Folder
3. Open the Utilities Folder
4. Open Disk Utility option
5. Select the disk from the left of this screen on which X3Watch Pro was installed (this is most commonly called Macintosh HD).
6. On the right, make sure that you are under the tab called “First Aid”
7.A: Click the Verify Disk Permissions button towards the bottom of the Disk Utility screen
7.B: Once the disk has verified the permissions, click on Repair Disk Permissions.

Once the system has completed both of these tools, you will need to restart your computer.

To restart your Mac select the Apple icon and then select Restart.

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