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X3watch Resources

X3watch is committed to your success and we want to make sure you have all the resources you need as you begin your journey to living a pure and open life. 

Take a look at all these great resources. They are all part of our family. 



XXXChurch.com is the parent ministry of X3watch. Here, you'll find tons of great resources to help you build your marriage, create a lasting accountability partnership, or just get help with an addiction. They offer tons of great articles and videos to help you on your journey. 


X3groups provide online small groups where you can seek healing, find support, and process feelings and thoughts related to your porn or sexual addiction.


iParent.tv offers you hundreds of videos and posts to keep you in the loop on all the latest tech fads your kids might or might not be into.


X3Pure offers a series of online workshops designed to help you get control of your life and put you on the path to happiness.  

Workshops are available for men, women, parents and couples. 


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