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Getting Started


1. Name Your X3watch Account

When you add new partners to your X3watch account, your name identifies you to those individuals. This helps them identify valid requests and gets you on the road to becoming accountable online.

Sign into your X3watch account here.
Click “PROFILE” in the navigation bar.
Enter your First and Last name.
Click “UPDATE PROFILE” button to save your data.

2. Select Your TimeZone


By selecting the correct time zone, you’ll ensure that you (and your partners) have the most relevant information in your accountability reports.

Click “PROFILE” in the navigation bar.
Select your time zone from the drop down box. It’s located right before the Blocking section.
Click “UPDATE PROFILE” to save your time zone setting.

3. Invite your first partner

A good story requires more than one character. Invite your first partner to receive weekly accountability reports. Doing this creates conversation and will enrich your life story.

Click “PARTNERS” in the navigation bar.
Enter the First and Last Name of your first accountability partner.
Enter your partner’s email address.
Optional: Select the “Send email on filtering violation” if you’d like your partners to receive an instant notification anytime someone tries to visit a flagged or blocked website.
Click “ADD PARTNER” to complete.

Note: We’ll send your partner an email inviting them to become your partner. Once your partner accepts the invite, you’ll see “receiving emails” in green alongside your partner’s name!

4. Install X3watch

X3watch has to be installed on every computer or mobile device you want to protect!

It’s easy. Simply click on “Downloads” from inside your X3watch admin page or use the helpful links below for complete steps and helpful videos!

Click here for Mac install help

Click here for Windows install help

Click here for iOS install help

Click here for Android install help

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