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I get an "unidentified developer" message when trying to install X3watch on my Mac.

Mac OS Gatekeeper settings may prompt you with a message stating that X3watch is from an "Unidentified Developer" while installing our program. 

Follow this simple work-around to complete your X3watch installation. 

STEP 1: Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon and then selecting "System Preferences".
STEP 2: Click "Security and Privacy" icon.
This is usually located in the top row of icons (see below).

STEP 3: Select the "General" tab and then look for "Allow apps downloaded from"

STEP 4: Change the selection to "Anywhere" and then save the change.

STEP 5: Continue with the installation of X3watch. 


Note: When you have completed your installation of X3watch, we do recommend that you change your Gatekeeper settings back to "Only allow apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers". This will help prevent the installation of any unwanted application onto your computer. Only install applications that you trust, no matter what their source is!

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