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Does X3watch work on Kindle Fire?

No. X3watch is not supported on Kindle tablets or phones at this time.

However, we are always working to provide the broadest range of accountability software possible. We are tracking our customer's interest in this platform.
Please stay tuned for future releases that will include Kindle support.

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    Jon Donley

    You know, the Kindle Fire HDX is one of the most popular tablets ... I have other tablets, but unfortunately I need x3watch the most on my Kindle.

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    Yeah...The sooner it's available on the kindle the better. Does X3 have a timeline for this?

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    X3watch Customer Service

    Unfortunately, I don't have a time-line as of today. We are tracking our users interest in both Kindle and Nook devices though for possible development.

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    William Hinman

    I am one of those X3 watch subscribers that would definitely be interested in a version for Kindle Fire.

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    Spencer Wentland

    I've been a customer for a couple years or more with X3 Watch and have been asking them this form the beginning b/c its a huge loophole. They gave me the (apparently false) impression that they were working on it. I doubt they are but I hope they are.

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    Graham Stinson

    yes please. it's a loophole. how are you discerning the level of interest?

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