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Why does the report sometime show websites that I have never been to?

As you browse the internet and open websites, you are accessing not just a website's homepage, but sometimes ancillary websites that that are required to deliver content to the main page. Every now and then, these ancillary websites may be advertisements, social media integrations, or other sources of content. All of these websites and servers appear the same to the browser and in turn to X3watch, so they are all scanned. In the event that X3watch finds that one of these ancillary websites has or is also associated with inappropriate content, the program can flag this website and include it on your activity reports. 

Whenever you see an unfamiliar website appear on your report, and you're fairly sure you haven'y visited the site, we recommend your accountability partner have a look at the page to review the content. Most of the time, if it is an online advertiser server, the page may not be publicly accessible by directly navigating to it. This is common amongst those types of sites. 

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