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When are alerts sent to accountability partners?

X3watch sends Instant Alerts for the following actions:

- Add or Remove an Accountability Partner
- Whitelist or Blacklist  a website
- Visit an inappropriate website
- Uninstall X3watch

How It Works:

As you browse the internet, X3watch evaluates the content by checking each website that the user or the computer is accessing by first checking the website against our global blacklist database of known inappropriate websites and then by scanning the page looking for various trigger words. If X3watch finds that the website is on our blacklist, or that the page contains an excessive number of trigger words, the website will be added to your accountability report and an instant  notification will be sent to your accountability partners. 

Note: Websites that you have added to your custom whitelist are excluded from the instant notification and will not appear on weekly accountability reports (unless website blocking is turned off). 

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