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Re-Name devices to improve Accountability Reports

Custom names improve accountability reports by making them easier to read. Each entry will show you what computer or device visited each website on the report. 

Take a look at the sample report below to see custom device names in use. 

To re-name your computer or device, follow the instructions provided below.

Please note: Currently the Android OS itself does not support this feature.

Mac OS X 10.8.5 and up:
STEP 1: Click the “Apple” icon
STEP 2: Select “System Preferences”
STEP 3: Click on the “Sharing” icon

In the “Computer Name” field, change the name of the device to anything you desire. This is going to change the name on the system, and it’s what will appear in your Device Usage and your X3watch accountability reports going forward. 

Once you’ve finished re-naming your device, close out of System Preferences.

Windows 8:
STEP 1: Open your “Start” screen and go to “PC Settings” (note: you may want to use the search bar to find this option)
STEP 2: Click “PC and Devices”
STEP 3: Click “PC Info”
STEP 4: On the right side of the window, click “Rename PC”
STEP 5: When the window appears, type in a new name for your computer and then click “Next”.
STEP 6: After the system verifies the change, you’ll need to restart in order for the changes to take effect. 

Windows 7 and earlier:
Click “Start”
STEP 2: Right click “Computer” and select “Properties”
STEP 3: Click “Change Settings” (located underneath Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings)
STEP 4: Click “Change” where it says “Computer Name”
STEP 5: Click “OK” to confirm the changes.  

iOS 6 (and up):
From the home screen click “Settings”
STEP 2: Click “General”
STEP 3: Click on “About”
STEP 4: Select the “Name” field and then enter the name you’d like to give your iOS device. Once you’re finished, click the “Home” button (round button at the bottom of the device) to return to the home screen. 


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