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How do I downgrade my X3watch subscription?

The next generation in accountability software is available to existing X3watch users TODAY!
X3watch has partnered with Ever Accountable to bring existing (and new) X3watch customers the next generation of accountability software. Ever Accountable's software works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire tablets and even Chromebooks! Although they do not block websites like X3watch, their accountability reports are second to none. There's so much more information available to users who switch over.
To learn more about making the switch from X3watch to Ever Accountable (and to see a video about making the switch), head over to: https://support.x3watch.com/hc/en-us/articles/115014877028-Existing-X3watch-subscribers-Learn-how-to-set-up-Ever-Accountable

If you're not interested in trying Ever Accountable, you may cancel your existing X3watch subscription by signing into X3watch account here and completing the following steps:

Step 1: Click the "Profile" tab.

Step 2: Click the "Manage My Subscription" button. 

Step 3: Scroll down and click the "Cancel Your Subscription" button. 

Step 4: Confirm that you wish to cancel your X3watch Premium or Basic subscription.

There will be no further renewals of your X3watch Premium or Basic subscription.


When you downgrade your account, you will continue to have access to all Premium or Basic settings through your original subscription expiration date.

*This does not apply to Ever Accountable products purchased on X3watch.com (or on Ever Accountable's website) after November 1, 2017. To cancel Ever Accountable, head over to www.everaccountable.com.

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