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What should I do after installing X3watch?

Now that you have installed X3watch onto all of your supported internet connected devices, it's time to get the most out of your new software.

When you log into the X3watch web application (by clicking here) you are now able to easily customize how the software works across all of your devices. After you sign in, use the navigation bar options to explore and customize all of these great options.

Step 1: Add Accountability Partners.
Choose as many as ten people (on Premium) with whom to share reports on your Internet usage. Simply enter their email addresses and X3watch takes care of the rest! Learn More


Step 2: Block Pornography.
X3watch Premium includes a power Website Blocker that completely blocks pornographic content from your computers and mobile devices. This feature can be accessed by clicking the "Profile" tab while logged into your account. Simply slide this option to "ON"  to engage this feature - it's that easy!. Learn More


Step 3: Create Custom White or Blacklists.
In addition to the sites X3watch is already blocking, you can create a customized list of your own sites you want to keep off-limits (called a "blacklist") and custom lists of websites that you would always like to allow (called a "whitelist"). Learn more about creating these lists by clicking here.


Step 4: Single Report for All Devices.
Install X3watch on all your computers and supported mobile devices, but keep things simple with one accountability/activity report. Even if you use X3watch on your laptop, desktop and a smartphone, we'll merge all the content into one report and sort it by device name to make it easy to see what device viewed what material.
To learn more about accountability report options in X3watch Premium, click here.


Step 5: See All Your Devices.
X3watch Premium will even show you which devices are connecting to the server. To find connected devices, look under the "Settings" tab in your account management portal. (Note: This feature periodically checks. After signing up, it may take a few moments for devices to appear).  You can also get an updated list of connected devices by reviewing your weekly accountability reports. 

You're all set and ready to begin browsing!

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