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How do I allow or block a website?

STEP 1 - Sign into your X3watch account by clicking here:

STEP 2 - Once you have logged into your account, click the "SETTINGS" button located in the navigation bar at the top of the web page. 


STEP 3 - Allow or Block a Website:
To block a website, click the "blacklist sites" button.
To allow a website, click the "whitelist sites:" button.


STEP 4 - Enter the website you wish to block or allow:
Now are you ready to block or allow a website. Simply add the web site's address into the designated field on the page, and then click the purple button that says "Add URL To Whitelist" or "Add URL to Blacklist". The web site should appear in the list below. 


Remember to sync your X3watch settings on your device or allow several minutes for changes to take effect.

Support Tip!
When adding a website to the Whitelist or Blacklist, enter the URL using the two recommended formats below (yahoo.com is used as an example only):


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