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Accountability Partners and Report Information


Customize Your Report Day
X3watch Premium allows you to select a specific weekday that your reports are sent to your partners. Here's how:

1. To change the day your accountability reports are sent by X3watch, log into your account by clicking here.
2. Click the "Profile" button in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
3. Scroll down to "Report Date" and select the new day you want your reports to be sent.
4. Click "Update Profile" to save the changes.


Viewing Your Accountability Reports
X3watch Premium makes it easy to view your accountability report online. Here are the three ways you can take a look:

Note: You must be signed into your X3watch account to view reports. Click here to sign in.

Method 1: Send Reports to Partners
This option will email your accountability reports to everyone on your "Partners" list. Think of it as a "report on demand". 

Method 2: Search by Date Range
This allows you to select a specific block of days to obtain reports for. 

Method 3: Last 90 Days
Want a quick look at your account's most recent browsing activity? Then this report is for you! 

Selecting this option will pull an accountability report for the ninety day period (including the current day).  Please note that it may take a moment to assemble and display this report. 

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