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To create an X3watch account, visit https://www.x3watch.com/buy and follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 - Select Your Plan:
Choose between two great options. Monthly plans offer a lower up-front cost while our Annual plans have a 20% savings built right in! 

STEP 2 - Add Extras:
Choose any additional products you would like to include. Annual plans receive a discount on X3watch Pure workshops!

Learn more about X3Pure workshops here.

After making your selection (if any), CLICK NEXT


STEP 3 - Create your account:
Enter your email address and a password.
Note: Your email address will serve as your X3watch username!



STEP 4 - Enter your billing information:
Enter your credit card number, first and last name, address and verification information.


Note: You will be ask to review your order and then submit it again to process your payment!

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