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Learn how to set up Ever Accountable

Existing X3watch subscribers: Learn how to set up Ever Accountable

If you are an existing X3watch user, you can get started with Ever Accountable today.

To begin, head over to this Getting Started page. You're going to be asked to enter your X3watch username (email address) and password, so be sure to have that handy ahead of time! If you have forgotten or misplaced your X3watch account password, you can use the password recovery link on the Getting Started page or by going here.

In the spirit of making things simpler, we've put together this helpful video tutorial that shows exactly what to expect when you begin. We encourage you to watch this video and follow along to ensure a smooth transition.



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    Nigel Meaby

    Hi X3,
    Before submittiing my question, I'd just like to pass on a huge THANK YOU for your product and the blessing it has been (and continues to be) to me.
    Ok - here's the question: my old ISP shut down their e-mail service, so now I have a new ISP and a new e-mail address. My X3watch account is still the old e-mail address (which no longer exists) and so it the billing e-mail address. Can you please tell me how to change these e-mail addresses on my account? (NB the address I have used to sign in to Support is the new address).
    Thank you.
    Nigel Meaby

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    my ever accountable account is listed with google. I have been requested to change my payment options but I want to see what is on file now and am not able. Your set up is very confusing. Please help

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