News and Updates


X3watch has released important updates to both Windows and Mac versions of X3watch. These updates include incremental improvements to performance and stability and will provide more reliable filtering with better logging and fewer “false positives”. X3watch Support recommends all customers update to these latest versions. The links are on the right —>


X3watch has ended product development for Mac OS 10.7.5. The new minimum system requirements for X3watch are Mac OS 10.8 and up. If you have 10.7.5, you will need to update your operating system in order to continue using the latest versions of X3watch beginning with the new version released on 11/13/14.

Support Hours

Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM EST

Support is available by submitting a Support Request or via LiveChat (for Premium subscribers). X3watch is unable to provide telephone support at this time.

Download X3watch applications to all of your devices today.

Download for Mac

MAC version of X3watch Premium released January 6, 2015 - release notes

Download for Windows

PC version of X3watch Premium released October 24, 2014 - release notes

Download for iOS

iOS version 2.0.1 X3watch Premium released in iTunes June 11, 2014 - release notes

Download for Android

ANDROID version 2.0.1 X3watch Premium released May 30, 2014 - release notes